New England Fall Leaf Peeping Guidemap

by Oct 9, 2020Blog2 comments

Hey everyone! I put together a list on Google Maps of some highlight fall locations. If you find yourself on an adventure in a new place this weekend and are unsure of what attractions worth checking out are near you, definitely take a look at the map! Many of these locations I have been to and personally enjoyed, others I am yet to visit.

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  1. Giorgio Montebaun

    This is map, where is guide?

    • Zach Duhamel

      Hey Giorgio! Thank you for your question. I am sorry about the confusion. This Google Map List is meant to serve as both the map and the guide. By clicking the link to the list, you will have an interactive list of each destination I mapped out, each with an up to date Google Search Console listing with all of the information and pictures you need. If you need help navigating the list, please let me know!

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